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The mission of ENSIGN COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH is to make substantial contributions to improving community health and well-being in Ghana as well as in the neighbouring African countries, through the provision of community-oriented public health professionals. Through community engaged scholarship that is based on the foundation of basic public health principles and capacities, we will develop health professionals who are community-oriented and skilled at assessing the health needs of communities and promoting community practices that will improve health and well-being.
ECOPH is stepping in with a plan and goal to be a major team player with the national government and international organizations to meet the prevailing as well as future community health challenges. In its programs, ECOPH will focus on the following essentials for Public Health among other things: link people to public health services by informing, educating, and empowering citizens; evaluate health services; research for insights and solutions; monitor health status; and assure competent public health workforce.
The Ensign College of Public Health Program does not offer areas of specialization. However, students will be able to tailor their education with designed curriculum offerings to focus on topics they're interested in and that will be beneficial to their future goals in Public Health. Faculty advisors and supervisory committee members will work closely with each student to make appropriate recommendations.
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